🔥 Fierce fire in 4 coaches of moving train


A local train between Narayandod and Ahmednagar section caught fire.

As soon as the passengers exited the coach, a serious accident was prevented.

મહારાષ્ટ્રમાં મોટી દુર્ઘટના, લોકલ ટ્રેનમાં ભીષણ આગ4 કોચમાં ધૂમાડાના ગોટેગોટા ઉડ્યા. મહારાષ્ટ્રમાં ચાલતી ટ્રેનમાં ભીષણ આગ લાગવાની ઘટના સામે આવી છે. રાહતના સમાચાર આ છે કે કે આગ લાગતા જ તમામ મુસાફરોને તુરંત ટ્રેનમાંથી બહાર કાઢવામાં આવ્યા હતા.

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Maharashtra: A local train fire incident has been reported in Maharashtra today. Five coaches on a local train traveling from New Ashti to Ahmednagar caught fire during the incident. Around 3 o’clock, the event happened between the Narayandod and Ahmednagar portions. In the social media video of this fire, four coaches can be seen completely enveloped in flames.

As soon as the passengers exited the coach, a serious accident was prevented.

The local train’s guard-side brake van caught fire initially, and when the fire took on a destructive form, four more coaches also caught fire. However, as soon as the fire started, everyone aboard the train was swiftly evacuated. It is a comfort that there were no significant casualties in this occurrence. There were no injuries to any passengers. The passengers swiftly exited the coach, preventing a huge tragedy.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો

The blaze was doused and put out.

Railway officials, a police squad, and a fire brigade crew have all arrived at the scene after learning of the situation. The fire is now under control thanks to the fire brigade squad. Police and railroad officials are looking into what started the fire.

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