108 Name of Lord Hanuman and 5 things


5 things to know about Hanuman


1) He is the personification of dedication and devotion :

Unquestionably one of the most adored gods in the Hindu pantheon, Hanuman’s tale has persisted through the millennia and cut across cultural barriers. The Sanskrit epic, the Ramayana, credited to the sage Valmiki, who is thought to have lived in ancient India, contains the earliest and most well-known version of Hanuman’s story.


One of Hinduism’s great epics, The Ramayana, tells the story of Prince Rama, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, who sets out on a treacherous trip after being exiled in order to save his wife, Sita, from the clutches of the ruthless demon king, Ravana.

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Rama joins up with a group of intelligent monkey warriors known as the Vanaras, among whom Hanuman shines out, in his quest to reconcile with his beloved Sita. As Hanuman faithfully helps Rama throughout their voyage, his tremendous talents—including incredible speed, immense strength, unshakable fearlessness, and profound wisdom—become clear. Rama and Hanuman’s growing relationship serves as a reminder that Hanuman’s greatest power is his unwavering loyalty and devotion.

Hanuman is frequently portrayed in art and iconography as having a steadfast devotion to Rama, Sita, and Lakshman. He is also famed for famously tearing out his chest to expose an image of Rama and Sita inside, signifying that his heart is dedicated completely to them.

The trinity of “bal” (strength), “buddhi” (intelligent thought), and “vidya” (knowledge) is perfectly embodied in Hanuman. He is an excellent example of a “bhakti yogi,” someone who bravely uses their amazing abilities to connect with the Divine via selfless and loving service. Numerous followers are still moved by his narrative as proof of the effectiveness of unflinching commitment and selfless service in the quest for enlightenment.

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2) He is the son of the wind god :

Many people think Hanuman is both the son of Vayu and an incarnation of Lord Shiva as a result of this unusual conception that involves both of them. It’s crucial to keep in mind, too, that not all Hindu schools of thought agree with this idea. Nevertheless, Hanuman and Lord Shiva have a lot in common, including both being accomplished yogis.

Hanuman is said to possess eight siddhis, or “mystic perfections,” which include:

  1. Anima: The ability to become smaller than the smallest.
  2. Mahima: The ability to become infinitely large.
  3. Laghima: The ability to become lighter than air.
  4. Prapti: The ability to instantly travel anywhere at will.
  5. Prakamya: The ability to achieve whatever one desires.
  6. Isitva: The ability to create or annihilate anything at will.
  7. Vasitva: The ability to control the elements of material nature.
  8. Kamavasayita: The ability to assume any form or shape one desires.

Despite having these amazing abilities, Hanuman, a perfect yogi, only uses them to serve the almighty Lord Rama and never for his own benefit or sensory gratification. His deeds demonstrate the selfless dedication and unshakable devotion that define his status as a devotee and a symbol of spiritual enlightenment in Hinduism. His ultimate objective is to connect with the Divine.

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3) His name means “disfigured jaw” :

Hanuman’s boyhood story is an intriguing one. Hanuman, who is the son of the wind god Vayu, misunderstood the sun as a ripe fruit when he was a young child and jumped towards it with his arms wide. As each second passed, he soared into the sky, getting closer and closer to the sun.

Hanuman’s extraordinary rise and might, nevertheless, alarmed Indra, the king of heaven, who retaliated by using a thunderbolt to bring Hanuman to his knees. Hanuman was knocked back to ground, where he lay unconscious, by this devastating assault. Vayu, the deity of wind, stopped the flow of air vital for maintaining life throughout the universe after seeing his son appear to be dead.

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The gods resorted to Brahma, the creator of the cosmos, for help in their desperate attempt to avert a cosmic calamity. Brahma brought the child Hanuman back to life because he knew that he was a devout devotee of Vishnu and that he would play a crucial part in helping Lord Rama defeat the demon king Ravana. In order to appease Vayu, the most powerful gods then bestowed upon him unique talents.

Because “hanu” means “jaw” and “man” means “prominent,” the name “Hanuman” is derived from this amazing event. It acts as a constant reminder of the danger inherent in unfettered power and the potential for terrible outcomes when it lacks appropriate guidance and constraint.

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4) He was cursed to forget his powers :

Hanuman’s youthful mischievousness caused him to interfere with the sacrifice rituals of the sages and temple priests, finally inciting their wrath. They responded by cursing Hanuman, which made him lose sight of his amazing abilities until someone else could jog his memory.

Years later, Hanuman’s recollection of his powers was revived during his mission to help Lord Rama in the hunt for Sita. The Vanaras (monkey warriors) pondered who among them might leap over the sea to reach Ravana’s dominion when it was discovered that Sita was being held captive in Sri Lanka

Practitioners of Kushti, a traditional style of Hindu wrestling in the Indian subcontinent, today call upon Hanuman’s limitless vitality. Hanumanasana, sometimes known as “the splits,” is a yoga practice that honors his illustrious leap across the ocean.

Hanuman has many incredible skills, but his close relationship with the Divine gives him true power. This link serves as a reminder that, on some level, by strengthening our spiritual connection through various types of yoga, meditation, and selfless service, we too can access our inner potential. For those on the road to spirituality and self-realization, Hanuman’s tale serves as motivation.

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5) He exists wherever Rama is glorified :

Hanuman’s prayer before they parted ways after the successful rescue of Sita is a lovely illustration of his intense love and devotion for Lord Rama. Hanuman passionately hoped that his affection for Rama would never wane because he could not face the idea of being separated from Rama. He believed that by constantly savoring Rama’s glories, he could withstand the sorrow of bodily separation, and he desired to remain alive on Earth as long as Rama’s divine pastimes were being told.

However, there are no physical restrictions or bounds in the Divine domain. Hanuman is never completely absent from Rama because of his undying devotion. On a spiritual level, Rama is equated with personal association through persistent recollection. Rama’s heavenly attributes are frequently thought about in greater detail while one is physically separated from them. This causes one to enter a deep meditational state known as samadhi, which further deepens one’s spiritual connection to the heavenly.

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Hanuman is prayed to by followers of Lord Rama in hopes of achieving a comparable strong and constant connection to God. Many people chant the Hanuman Chalisa, one of the most well-known devotional hymns dedicated to Hanuman, on the occasion of Hanuman’s birthday each year. They do this in the hopes of summoning Hanuman’s power for both their material and, more importantly, spiritual aspirations.

Regular conversation and retelling of Lord Rama’s adventures are suggested if one sincerely wants to benefit from Hanuman’s blessings. Hanuman is said to be present whenever Lord Rama, the monarch of Ayodhya, is extolled for his greatness. By engaging in this practice, followers can strengthen their spiritual ties and benefit from Hanuman’s unshakable love and devotion for the Divine.


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108 Name of Lord Hanuman

Name of Lord Hanuman: In Hinduism, Lord Hanuman is a respected deity who is regarded as the progeny of Vayu, the supreme god of the Wind. One of his most known qualities is his everlasting dedication to Lord Rama, the main character of the Indian epic Ramayana. Hanuman is also revered for being a manifestation (avatar) of Lord Shiva.

As a model follower of Sri Rama, Shri Hanuman personifies devotion and unflinching dedication. He is revered as a source of unshakeable faith, knowledge, courage, and optimism. Hanuman has unique powers that lift him above the status of a simple servant. He is frequently praised as “SRI RAMA SEVA DURANDHARA,” symbolizing his great dedication to Sri Rama’s service. He is praised as the best among the spiritually evolved and the model of wisdom because of his unrivaled brilliance.

108 Names of Lord Hanuman

હનુમાનજીના 108 નામ ગુજરાતીમાં

1Om Anjaneyaya NamahaSon of Anjana
2Om Mahaviraya NamahaMost Valiant
3Om Hanumate NamahaOne With Puffy Cheeks
4Om Marutatmajaya NamahaMost Beloved Like Gems
5Om Tatvagyanapradaya NamahaGranter of Wisdom
6Om Sitadevimudrapradayakaya NamahaDeliverer of the Ring of Sita
7Om Ashokavanakachchhetre NamahaDestroyer of Ashoka Orchard
8Om Sarvamayavibhananaya NamahaDestroyer of All Illusions
9Om Sarvabandhavimoktre NamahaDetacher of All Relationship
10Om RakshovidhvaNsakarakaya NamahaSlayer of Demons
11Om Paravidya Pariharaya NamahaDestroyer of Enemies Wisdom
12Om Para Shaurya Vinashakaya NamahaDestroyer of Enemy’s Valour
13Om Paramantra Nirakartre NamahaAcceptor of Rama’s Mantra Only
14Om Parayantra Prabhedakaya NamahaDestroyer of Enemies Missions
15Om Sarvagraha Vinashine NamahaKiller of Evil Effects of Planets
16Om Bhimasena SahayakrIthe NamahaHelper of Bheema
17Om Sarvadukhah Haraya NamahaReliever of All Agonies
18Om Sarvalokacharine NamahaWanderer of All Places
19Om Manojavaya NamahaSpeed Like Wind
20Om Parijata Drumulasthaya NamahaResider Under the Parijata Tree
21Om Sarva Mantra Svarupaya NamahaPossessor of All Hymns
22Om Sarva Tantra Svarupine NamahaShape of All Hymns
23Om Sarvayantratmakaya NamahaDweller in All Yantras
24Om Kapishvaraya NamahaLord of Monkeys
25Om Mahakayaya NamahaGigantic
26Om Sarvarogaharaya NamahaReliever of All Ailments
27Om Prabhave NamahaPopular Lord
28Om Bala Siddhikaraya Namaha
29Om Sarvavidya Sampattipradayakaya NamahaGranter of Knowledge and Wisdom
30Om Kapisenanayakaya NamahaChief of the Monkey Army
31Om Bhavishhyathchaturananaya NamahaAware of Future Happenings
32Om Kumara Brahmacharine NamahaYouthful Bachelor
33Om Ratnakundalaya NamahaWearing Gem-Studded Earrings
34Om Chanchaladvalasanadhaya NamahaGlittering Tail Suspended Above The Head
35Om Gandharva Vidyaya NamahaOne Who Frees from Imprisonment
36Om Mahabala Parakramaya NamahaOf Great Strength
37Om Karagraha Vimoktre NamahaOne Who Frees from Imprisonment
38Om Shrinkhala Bandhamochakaya NamahaReliever from a Chain of Distresses
39Om Sagarottarakaya NamahaLeapt Across the Ocean
40Om Pragyaya NamahaScholar
41Om Ramadutaya NamahaAmbassador of Lord Rama
42Om Pratapavate NamahaKnown for Valour
43Om Vanaraya NamahaMonkey
44Om Kesarisutaya NamahaSon of Kesari
45Om Sitashoka Nivarakaya NamahaDestroyer of Sita’s Sorrow
46Om Anjanagarbha Sambhutaya NamahaBorn of Anjani
47Om Balarkasadrashananaya NamahaLike the Rising Sun
48Om Vibhishhana Priyakaraya NamahaBeloved of Vibheeshana
49Om Dashagriva Kulantakaya NamahaSlayer of the Ten-Headed Ravana Dynasty
50Om Laxmanapranadatre NamahaReviver of Lakshmana’s Life
51Om Vajra Kayaya NamahaSturdy Like Metal
52Om Mahadyuthaye NamahaMost Radiant
53Om Chiranjivine NamahaEternal Being
54Om Rama Bhaktaya NamahaMost Radiant
55Om Daitya Karya Vighatakaya NamahaDestroyer of All Demons’ Activities
56Om Akshahantre NamahaSlayer of Aksha
57Om Kajnchanabhaya NamahaGolden-Hued Body
58Om Pajnchavaktraya NamahaFive-Faced
59Om Maha Tapase NamahaGreat Meditator
60Om Lankini Bhajnjanaya NamahaSlayer of Lankini
61Om Shrimate NamahaRevered
62Om Simhika Prana Bhanjanaya NamahaSlayer of Simhika
63Om Gandhamadana Shailasthaya NamahaDweller of Gandhamadana
64Om Lankapura Vidayakaya NamahaThe One Who Burnt Lanka
65Om Sugriva Sachivaya NamahaMinister of Sugreeva
66Om Dhiraya NamahaValiant
67Om Shuraya NamahaBold
68Om Daityakulantakaya NamahaDestroyer of Demons
69Om Suvarchalarchitaya NamahaWorshipped by Celestials
70Om Tejase NamahaMost Radiant
71Om Ramachudamanipradayakaya NamahaDeliverer of Rama’s Ring
72Om Kamarupine NamahaChanging Form at Will
73Om Pingalakshaya NamahaPink-Eyed
74Om Vardhi Mainaka Pujitaya NamahaWorshipped by Mynaka Hill
75Om Kabalikrita Martanda Mandalaya NamahaSwallower of the Sun
76Om Vijitendriyaya NamahaController of the Senses
77Om Ramasugriva Sandhatre NamahaMediator between Rama and Sugreeva
78Om Mahiravana Mardhanaya NamahaSlayer of the Famous Ravana
79Om Sphatikabhaya NamahaCrystal-Clear
80Om Vagadhishaya NamahaLord of Spokesmen
81Om Navavyakritapanditaya NamahaSkillful Scholar
82Om Chaturbahave NamahaFour-Armed
83Om Dinabandhuraya NamahaProtector of the Downtrodden
84Om Mayatmane NamahaSupreme Being
85Om Bhaktavatsalaya NamahaProtector of Devotees
86Om Sanjivananagayartha NamahaBearer of Sanjeevi Mount
87Om Suchaye NamahaChaste
88Om Vagmine NamahaSpolesman
89Om Dridhavrataya Namaha
90Om Kalanemi Pramathanaya NamahaStrong-Willed Meditator
91Om Harimarkata Markataya NamahaLord of Monkeys
92Om Dantaya NamahaCalm
93Om Shantaya NamahaVery Composed
94Om Prasanatmane NamahaCheerful
95Om Shatakantamudapahartre NamahaDestroyer Of shatakantta’s Arrogance
96Om Yogine NamahaSaint
97Om Ramakatha Lolaya NamahaCrazy of listening Rama’s Story
98Om Sitanveshana Pathitaya NamahaSkillful in Finding Sita’s Whereabouts
99Om Vajradranushhtaya Namaha
100Om Vajranakhaya NamahaStrong-Nailed
101Om Rudra Virya Samudbhavaya NamahaBorn of Shiva
102Om Indrajitprahitamoghabrahmastra Vinivarakaya NamahaRemover of Effect of Indrajita’s Brahmastra
103Om Partha Dhvajagrasamvasine NamahaHaving Foremost Place on Arjuna’s Flag
104Om Sharapamjarabhedhakaya NamahaDestroyer of the Nest made of Arrows
105Om Dashabahave NamahaTen-Armed
106Om Lokapujyaya NamahaWorshipped by the Universe
107Om Jambavatpritivardhanaya NamahaWinning Jambavan’s Love
108Om Sitasameta Shriramapada Sevadurandharaya NamahaAlways Engrossed in Rama’s Service

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