Check AnyRoR Gujarat Land Records Online


AnyRoR Gujarat Land Records” is an online portal where you can check land records for properties in Gujarat, India. You can access this portal at


This website provides various services related to land records, including checking property details, land ownership records, land survey numbers, and more. It’s a useful resource for individuals and organizations looking to obtain information about land ownership and related details in Gujarat.


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Check AnyRoR Gujarat Land Records Online:

1. 7/12 or Satbara
2. VF 6
3. VF 7
4. 8/A
5. 135 D

NOTE: We are provided just information for Anyror Gujarat. If you want original copy then contact appropriate Mamlatdar office & Collector Office.

How to Check AnyRoR AnyWhere Online:

• First of all open our App
• Then click on “LAND RECORD (7/12)”
• After that select Rural or Urban
• Then choose District, Taluka & Village
• Enter Survey Number
• Finally tap on “GET DETAILS”

AnyRoR is software for Record online Land Record of Gujarat State. This software is developed by the Revenue Department and NIC (National Informatics Centre). By using the Any RoR you can check Gujarat Land Records like, VF7, VF 8A, VF 6 and VF 12.

This software has successfully established in 225 talukas and 26 districts. So, instead of travelling all the way to e-dhara or e-gram centre, you can check and verify your land record. By visiting the AnyRoR app.

Keep in mind that online duplicate copy of anyror gujarat 7/12 utara is simply for info reason, the certification copy of any ror anywhere Gujarat land record 7/12 Utara, 8A Entry form may be received E-dhara kendra with Survey No, Khata No, Farm Name or Khatedar Name with you although asking for RoR print. Once paying a simple fees, get Received Certified copy of Advanced RoR with stamp.

Check Online Land Record(Village)

 Check Online Land Record(City)


  1. What is AnyRoR Gujarat? AnyRoR Gujarat is an online portal developed by the Revenue Department of Gujarat to provide easy access to land records and related information for properties in the state.
  2. What services are available on AnyRoR Gujarat? The portal offers various services, including checking property details, land ownership records, land survey numbers, land records mutation status, and village maps.
  3. How can I check land records on AnyRoR Gujarat? To check land records, visit the official website at Then, select the appropriate option from the menu, such as “Land Records,” “Property Search,” or “Village Maps,” and enter the required details like survey number, owner’s name, or village name to retrieve the information.
  4. Is there a fee for accessing land records on AnyRoR Gujarat? No, accessing land records on AnyRoR Gujarat is typically free of charge. However, there may be nominal charges for obtaining certified copies of documents or specific services.
  5. Are the land records on AnyRoR Gujarat accurate and legally binding? The land records available on AnyRoR Gujarat are digitized versions of official records maintained by the Revenue Department. While efforts are made to ensure accuracy, it’s essential to verify the information with local authorities or official documents for legal purposes.
  6. Can I use AnyRoR Gujarat for property-related transactions and legal matters? While AnyRoR Gujarat provides valuable information about land records, it’s advisable to consult with legal experts or authorities for property transactions, disputes, or legal matters to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  7. Is there customer support available for assistance with AnyRoR Gujarat? Yes, the AnyRoR Gujarat portal typically provides contact information or customer support channels for users to seek assistance or clarification regarding land records and related services.

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