Gold bill 1959: આટલુ સસ્તુ મળતુ હતુ સોનુ 1959 મા

1959 gold bill: Gold is becoming more and more expensive these days. Once again, gold prices have approached all-time highs at the beginning of the year. In August 2020, gold reached a record high of Rs 56,200. During Tuesday’s closed market session, the price of gold increased to Rs 55,581 for 10 grams.

In the not too distant future, gold will cost Rs. It is possible to reach up to 62000. In addition, the cost of a kilogram of silver can reach Rs 80,000. However, have you ever calculated the value of gold prior to or following independence?

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Gold bill 1959 સોનાનો ભાવ

Three bills—an electricity bill, a motorcycle bill, and an old restaurant bill—went popular on social media a few days ago. The 1959 gold jewelry bill was then brought up. It is clear from looking at this 63-year-old bill that the buyer bought both gold and silver jewelry. The gold and silver prices engraved on this bill, which is over sixty years old, pique people’s curiosity.

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gold bill of 1959

gold bill of 1959

72 વર્ષ પહેલા સોનાનો ભાવ 99 રૂપિયા

In 1950, when India gained its freedom, ten kilos of gold cost 99 rupees. Examining its nine-year bills reveals that gold was valued at Rs 113 per ten grams at that period. However, after a year, the price of gold is reportedly Rs 112 per 10 grams, according to media sources. This pricing went risen to Rs 184.50 per 10 grams in 1970.

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909 રૂપિયાનું કુલ બિલ

This 1959 bill, which is making waves on social media right now, details the purchase of items for 251 and 621 rupees. Other than this, silver costs 12 rupees, whereas other goods cost 9 rupees. The entire amount due is 909 rupees. This bill, which is becoming widely popular on social media, appears to be in very poor shape. This bill also mentions taxes. However, it is entirely handwritten.

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આઝાદીથી લઇને અત્યાર સુધીના સોનાના ભાવ

આ ભાવ પ્રતિ ૧૦ ગ્રામના એટેલે જે ૧ તોલા ના છે.

વર્ષસોનાનો ભાવ (પ્રતિ ૧૦ ગ્રામ)
195099 રૂપિયા
1960112 રૂપિયા
1970184.5 રૂપિયા
19801330 રૂપિયા
19903200 રૂપિયા
20004400 રૂપિયા
201018,500 રૂપિયા
202056,200 રૂપિયા
202255000 રૂપિયા

1959 મા સોનાનો ભાવ શુંં હતો?

1959 મા સોનાનો ભાવ 10 ગ્રામના 113 રૂ. હતા

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