It was like doing a dangerous stunt on a bike at home… – Watch the video


હવા મારવાના ચક્કરમાં પોતાની જ હવા નીકળી ગઈ! ઘરમાં બાઇક પર ખતરનાક સ્ટંટ કરતા થયું એવું કે…- જુઓ વિડીયો dangerous

Stunt videos that go viral: In the realm of social media, one item is particularly well-liked: stunt videos. Anything that gets viral on the internet quickly spreads to other people. The videos that garner the greatest attention are the ones with the stunts. In this regard, a recent viral stunt video is one example of this type of video. which everyone seems to enjoy.

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Are motorbike stunts harmful?

Tom Cruise has pulled off his riskiest stunt to date.
BASE jumping expert Miles Daisher stated, “The only things you have to avoid while doing a stunt like this are serious injury or death.” You’re riding a motorcycle, which is a risky activity, atop a ramp that is higher than the ground, thus falling off the ramp may be quite harmful.

When considered honestly, today’s youth are quite obsessed with stunts. Kids, everyone wants to do stunts to get famous on social media. However, people should realize that doing stunts is not easy; it takes a lot of work to pull off the kinds of stunts that people find hilarious. Still, some individuals just start doing stunts anywhere. Watch the video below to see him start performing bike feats in his room.

A man lifts the front wheel of his bike and begins performing stunts across the room in this viral video. However, as soon as he moves, the bike’s front wheel hits the TV and breaks. Although the man intended to become famous, he had no idea how much the stunt would cost him.

The video was posted on Instagram by the user diogo_grau062, and it has received over two lakh likes and millions of views. Commenters have also noted how much more people should perform similar stunts at home!

What’s the name for bike stunts?

Wikipedia – Motorcycle stunt riding
The motorsport of streetbike freestyle includes wheelies, stoppies, acrobatics, burnouts, and drifting. Numerous tricks (handbreak, subcage, crashcage, stopper, etc.) are added to motorcycles.

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