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Greetings, friends Everyone’s lives have gotten to the point where they are unable to look after their health. Acidity is one of the most prevalent issues that many individuals face. Eating spicy, fried, or spicy food may be the cause of this issue. Each person has a unique acidity type. Acidity, bloating, gas, anxiousness, sore throat, chest discomfort, and other symptoms are examples of stomach issues. The causes of an individual’s excess stomach acid are inflammation in the chest, which subsequently results in acidity.


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Remedies for Acidity

The vast majority of people turn to medication to manage chest pain and to prevent stomach acidity. However, this issue can be resolved quickly even with over-the-counter treatments and Ayurvedic recipes. Before we discuss the treatment for acidity, we will explain the reason of stomach acid today.

Many people are unaware of the cause of chest irritation. The acid that accumulates in our stomachs aids in food digestion, but when this acid begins to build up, it manifests as acidity, which exacerbates the issue of stomach and chest irritation. The primary cause of elevated acidity in the body is our inclination to dine out rather than at home, namely with fast food. Eating more acidic, sour, and spicy cuisine at home also makes the stomach produce more acid. Consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes, cold beverages, and alcohol cans are all excessive.

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A significant number of pregnant women report experiencing inflammation and chest pain. The usage of painkillers may also be the cause of this issue. In addition to this, overeating and a protracted empty stomach might also contribute to this issue.

ઉધરસ-ખાંસી માટેના આયુર્વેદ ના  ઉપચાર

અજીર્ણ-ભૂખ ન લાગતી  હોઈ 

અનિદ્રા માટેઆ આયુર્વેદ ઉપચારો

આધાશીશી-માથાના દુઃખાવાના ઉપચાર

એલર્જીથી થતી શરદી મટી શકે

એસીડીટીને દુર કરવા ના ૧૫ ઉપાય

કબજિયાત દૂર કરવાના સરળ ઉપાયો

કાનનાં રોગો અને આયુર્વેદ વિશેની માહિતી

ખરજવું, ખસ, ખૂજલી, દરાજ

ખાંસી નો ઉપચાર

ખીલના ઘરગથ્થુ ઉપચાર

ગેસ નો ઘરેલું ઉપચાર

જીવજંતુના ડંખમાં ઘરેલુ ઉપચાર

ડાયાબિટીસના ઇલાજ માટે 10 ઘરેલુ ઉપાયો

તુલસીના ફાયદા

દમ-શ્વાસના ઘરેલુ ઉપચાર

You can avoid the acidity for the rest of your life with a little prudence. This condition can be cured with minor lifestyle adjustments and time management techniques. There are several considerations to make. Aside from this, the first step in treating this illness is learning about its problems using stenography, endoscopy, and barium X-rays.

Here’s how to save –

1. First of all, keep a eating on time and walk for a while after in  the meal.

2. Include a fresh fruits, salads, vegetable soups, boiled vegetables in your meals. Eat a plenty of the  green leafy in a  vegetables and the sprouted  in the grains. This is an a excellent source of  the Vitamin B and E no which will  bee  a relieve in the body from  a acidity.

3. Always eat  in with a gusto and eat less than you need. Always avoid a spicy and over-fried in the  meals.

4. Include  to the yogurt in your daily in a diet.

5. Fresh in a  cucumber raita is an a excellent remedy for a acidity.

6. Stay away from alcohol and carnivores.

7. Drink plenty of water. This will bee help a digestion and flush out toxins from in the body.

8. Do not drink water immediately after eating. Drink a water only after at the least half an a hour.

9. Don’t even smoke.

સંપુર્ણ વિડીયો અહીં થી જુઓ અને હઠીલી એસીડીટી | પેટમાં બળતરા માટે જ  સચોટ આયુર્વેદીક ઇલાજ 

10. Drink a pineapple  juice, it is a  contains in  the  enzymes. If your stomach can  be a feels full or a heavy after a eating, drink half a glass of the  fresh pineapple juice and all the restlessness will  be go away.

11. Drink a mango juice, it is a sour but it is a very useful  in  thing as a home remedy for a acidity.

12. To get the immediate relief from gas problem, take a 2 teaspoons of the  mango juice or a dried mango powder and two teaspoons of the powdered sugar and mix a water in both the cups and drink it.


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