There’s a lot of cool gear in the golf outfit world that does n’t always fit neatly into utmost Wanted Tests or Buyer’s Attendants. You still want to know how it performs.

In our We Tried It series, we put gear to the test and let you know if it works as announced.


Label Heuer Connected Watch — Golf Edition

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Dave Wolfe — My Golf Spy pen and putter fanatic.

In addition to being a golf junkie, I ’ve been an amateur watch collector since encamping through Europe with a fistful of Swatch watches in 1985.


Moment, we’re going to take a look at the Label Heuer Connected Golf Edition watch. Of course, high- tech watches are formerly a part of golf.

In 2020, watches fully dominated our GPS buyer’s companion.

So why we’re looking at this watch on its own since utmost other watches are tested together? verity be told, it’s the Label Heuer name.

For those not familiar with the Label Heuer brand, they’ve been casting perfection timekeepers since 1860.


Label Heuer watches generally come up in the same exchanges as Rolex, Omega and other luxury watch brands.

While Rolex made an April Fool’s joke about making a smart watch in 2015, Label Heuer actually made one.

concurrently, 2015 was also the release time for the first Apple watch. That’s why this watch generates a little further attention than other golf watches.

Curiosity authorizations we explore a smart watch from a company with a rich history of making high- end timekeepers. And yes, high- end means precious.


Before we dive into the golf specifics, let’s take a moment to look into the smart watch features of the Label Heuer Connected watch.

Obviously, this isn’t an Apple product so your connectivity will be grounded upon Android and Google.

That said, this watch gives you all of the connectivity that you anticipate from a smart watch.

A good smart watch allows you to leave your phone in your fund or bag.

You can check movables , read textbooks and emails, run colorful apps and basically navigate all of your quick digital requirements.

I was actually surprised when music controls popped up on the watch when I started my auto.

The Label Heuer Connected watch also has health- monitoring capabilities.


It can count your way and calories expended and also keep track of your palpitation over immediate or long- time spans.

Though not really part of this “ golf watch ” review, keep in mind that this watch delivers far further than just golf delicacies.

The Label Heuer Connected watch features ample customization.

You should be suitable to download the apps you need and indeed alter the face to match your aesthetics. I presumably spent an hour just goofing around with the different faces.

The watch also features multiple fitness- driven programs.

Obviously, we will be fastening on golf moment but the watch is also ready to integrate with your handling, walking, cycling and other fitness administrations.

Naturally, you should only do one of these effects at a time.


Let’s dive a little deeper into the golf aspect of the watch.

Right down, it’s egregious that the golf functionality of the Label Heuer watch is actually a pairing of watch function and app function. The Label Heuer golf app is enough robust on its own.

It has great 3D charts of each hole for knockouts of thousands of courses. It can keep your play stats over time, track shots and also keep scores for your foursome during a round.


No, it’s not a paradigm- shifting app but it’s solid. The 3D picture is actually enough emotional, especially since you can zoom heft and rotate holes.

By adding the watch, you basically ameliorate upon the app experience.

The play features are principally the same but now you can pierce them through your wrist rather than your fund.

Let’s dive a little deeper into what it’s like playing a round of golf with the Label Heuer Connected watch.


I suppose we can each agree that the last thing we want to do on the first tee is fight with our tech.

Out of the box, it did take a bit of time to get the watch software all streamlined and synched with my iPhone 12.

All by each, however, not too complicated or time consuming. After downloading my usual courses in the app, I was all set to adventure out for some testing.

The Label Heuer Connected watch is a large timer.

On one hand, this is fantastic as the screen is large enough to see the hole definitions and one can fluently touch the applicable icons on the screen.

On the other hand, the watch does feel a bit big, especially if you aren’t a watch wear and tear.

I had some enterprises about its heft but those went down after about half a pail of balls. It’s unexpectedly comfortable for a watch of its size.

One of the reasons the watch is so comfortable is the incrementally malleable band.

When the band has links and holes, you run the threat of being between them for fitting.


This means the band is either too loose or too tight. With this band, you can slide the grasp fragments of an inch to insure the correct fit.

This is veritably important for commodity that will be on your wrist as you swing.

Speaking of bands, let’s take a bit of a diversion to talk about what comes in the box with the Label Heuer Connected watch.

First, you get an fresh black watch band. With the black band, the watch looks more like a classic Label Heuer watch.

The band is a great value addition since the watch will probably be worn more off the course than on.

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