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tag you

Introduction: tag you

This application is used to extract tags. If you are a  youtuber then definitely read this post. Because through this app your video can also come on top 10 or top 5. Here we will tell you how Tag U application works.

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First of all we know that is this tag you application?

The work of Tag You application is as if you search a topic that how to create a YouTube channel? And all of you will see that the videos coming on the top, Top 1 Top 2 Top 3, how they are ranking, which have views in millions. So which keyword has been used in those videos due to which these videos are going on top.

So which keyword should you put so that your videos can also go on top. Any topic of your video, if you search that topic on YouTube, then you will also get to see millions of videos, but the videos which are in top 1, top 2 and top 5, you will see one video out of all of them. Is it right? You don’t see much by scrolling. You watch only those videos which rank more, you watch only those videos which have more views, so how do these videos rank? So what is this tag after all?

 So if you do not know what this tag is, then it is very important to understand this thing. If you watch Jake’s video on a famous YouTuber’s channel, you will be able to see only his topic and after that you will be able to see his description but you will not be able to see which tag he has put, so basically what is the function of this tag?

A tag is a type of keyword. As you seem to be interested in how to create a YouTube channel. That you are the keyword. You use the same keywords in your tags. So in the tag you get to see the keywords.

Information: tag you

So what would happen in Tag You application that you get to see many keywords here. Like how to create a you tube channel, how to create you tube channel in android. Anything like this keywords, which makes your video rank. If a person searches a topic and his video contains that keyword, then his video ranks and his tags push that video up. And if your video does not have that keyword, then your video does not suit it and your video does not rank.

So for that what you have to do is that you search any video on any topic and its video is ranking in top 5 then you also want to come in top 3 and top 5 then for that you have to see its tag that which one Guess the tag by which his video is ranking.

So you have to see the tag of that video with the help of tag u application and out of all of them you have to select 2 or 4 tags. Suppose a video is coming in the top 5 and you have to see which tag has been put in those top 5 videos. So you have to take any keyword from yourself so that you think which keyword I will use so that my video will rank.

Using process :

So this is an application to remove tags which is completely free and is an application of 1 and 2 MB. In which if you copy the link of the top video of any topic on YouTube and paste it here, you can see its tag. For which you will paste the link by going to Get Tags from URL option in this application, then you will see the tags used in that video.

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