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Walmart, which currently occupies a suite in Dufferin Mall, is located at 900 Dufferin Street, within the west part of Toronto (nearby Dufferin Grove Park and St. Mary Catholic Secondary School). canada dufferin mall


The store is a significant addition to the districts of Casa Blanca, The Gardens at Queen, Wychwood Park, The Ossington, Bloordale Village, Little Portugal, Bill McMurray Residence and Wallace Walk.


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If you’d like to swing by today (Thursday), its working hours are from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. Please review the information on this page for Walmart Dufferin Mall, Toronto, ON, including the times, directions or email contact.

canada dufferin mall

Dufferin Mall

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When popping by Walmart, please be sure to take a look around the wide variety of quality stores at Dufferin Mall. Here you may also find existing vendors such as Dollarama, Walmart Pharmacy, Walmart and Foot Locker.

A decent Walmart but we didn’t peruse the whole thing. At the entrance they have the crowd control barriers there so I wonder if it gets super busy at this one. We were there on the weekend but I didn’t feel like I had to fight through crowds like I do at other Walmarts. Maybe this one was more spacious!

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When you walk in there is a grocery section and to the left of that are the registers including self checkout. In the men’s clothing section, there are a ton of licensed Disney/Marvel/Star Wars related shirts. They are pretty decent designs and at pretty decent prices too, they started around $10 and went to about $35 for the priciest ones.

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Maps and GPS directions to Walmart Dufferin Mall Supercentre and other Wal-Mart stores in Canada. Find your nearest Wal-Mart stores. Wal-mart stores and superstores in the United States and Canada.
To search for a Store select a state or enter your city, address or postcode.

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Call 1-800-328-0402 to to contact a Wal-Mart Customer Service or to find a nearby Walmart store by phone.

I should definitely know better than to go to Dufferin Mall on a Saturday afternoon and especially Walmart as it’s always crowded and chaotic, but I was on one of my WInners/Marshalls mission. Plus I don’t venture to this mall often, so thought I may as well go to Walmart because I needed some things. I have to admit, they definitely offer some really good every day low prices.

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This Walmart in Toronto City of Canada is very famous and its information is brought to you today in this area post.

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The store layout is typical of most Walmarts, but manoeuvring around the crowds is a bit challenging especially when carts, strollers and wandering kids are involved. Walmart will definitely test your patience. Luckily for me, I’m usually in and out of the store as quickly as I can.

Lineups for checkouts always tend to be very long with everyone queuing at the closest cash, but I usually go to the far end, since there’s usually only 2 or 3 customers in line.

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Walmart should really initiate a number calling system where everyone lines up in one line and go to the next available cash when called – very effective at other stores. Why can’t Walmart adopt this system already? It would definitely streamline their customer service and perhaps then the cashiers won’t be too stressed and will actually be friendly.

I don’t think I ever experience good customer service from any of the cashiers, except perhaps on two occasions and that was a very long time ago, perhaps that’s maybe why I almost forgot.

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3. medication placed in pill organizers (containers for storing scheduled doses) at no extra cost

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5. pharmacist available for diabetes management consultations

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